Mulberry is a small family firm. dedicated to entrepreneurial and client-focused service with the highest standards in sourcing, pricing and delivering of a range of products, including industrial and domestic supplies. site equipment, and catering.

Vision; find tailor-made solutions for each client, particular to their needs, by being flexible, fast and solution oriented. Achieve excellence in serving each and every client with an aim to being their largest supplier counterpart in their particular products.

Differentiation; we aim to differentiate Mulberry from other leading suppliers in two main ways;

Achieve best prices in the market; Mulberry is focused on keep-
ing overhead costs down in order to bring lower prices to its clients.
Use of IT. a net organisational structure, transparent operational
processes and a team-work oriented work ethic all help contribute
towards achieving a lower cost structure than our competitors. We
work with a number of different producers in different locations for
any given product line, thereby always giving Mulberry the best
pricing and the best quality available at any given time. We are not
fixed with one particular manufacturer in one particular location
which may affect our competitiveness negatively when local work
conditions may change.

Client-centric approach; Mulberry is focused on giving the best
possible client service available in the market. Listening to clients.
hearing their needs and issues. figuring out solutions and working
with clients to set up new and fresh product lines at competitive
prices all play a considerable role in achieving this goal. We do not
set corporate rules or inflexible working methods. All client inquiries
are treated equally and prioritised equally, responding to issues
promptly and always with the client’s best interests in mind.

Track Record; references are available upon request. We have built a number of strong client relationships based on the above principles which we would be happy to share with any new prospective clients.

Way forward; we recommend an initial meeting (face to face or electronically), regarding just one or two items to be investigated. Once we are able to show you our quality and competitive pricing on the agreed items we can move forward at the client's own pace depending on their needs and requirements.